Kanavape Starter Pack

Included in the Starter Pack:

6 Strawberry Diesel Cartridges (50% CBD)
6 Orange Bud Cartridges (50% CBD)
6 OG Kush Cartridges (50% CBD)
6 Mango Kush Cartridges (50% CBD)
6 Amnesia Cartridges (50% CBD)
15 Battery Pens
10 e-liquid 10% CBD 10 ml  – 2 of each flavour
10 e-liquid 5% CBD 10 ml  – 2 of each flavour
55 Units Total



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Hemp distillate including CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN and other minor cannabinoids with natural terpenes, which make it with more than 50% Cannabinoids infused with natural terpenes to create the best vaping experience for every cannabis connoisseurs!

There is no cutting agent, No PG, No VG, No MCT or other additives.

About our CBD distillate cartridge

All our 50% CBD + cannabinoids uncut vape cartridges are made using full-spectrum CBD derived from hemp and natural terpenes sourced from our favourite cannabis strains. Due to the delicious natural terpenes we use, all our flavours are perfectly blended with a lovely herbaceous finish. It is high a concentration CBD vape cartridges where our 0.5ml cartridges contain 250-300mg of CBD with a total of a whopping 50% cannabinoids!

Vape Pen battery

Product details:

  • You will find all the important information about the product in the package.
  • Battery capacity: 350mAh
  • The battery life lasts about 200 puffs depending on the voltage setting that’s being used. If you prefer using your own vaping device, we highly recommend checking our range of CBD e-liquids, which you can use in any tank.
  • A USB charger is included in the package.
  • Kanavape CBD cartridges need to be purchased separately.
  • Compatible with most other 510/universal threads.
  • 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

About our CBD Vape Pen

Our CBD vape pen makes for the best vape pen starter kit available in the EU. Why? If you’re torn on what type of CBD vape liquid you want to use, our CBD vape pen works for both thicker CBD vape oils and thinner CBD e-liquids. So one and done! Typically, CBD e-liquids can be used in a tank or vaping device that you would use for any other e-liquid or vape juice, whereas CBD vape distillates, given their thicker consistency, require a more powerful device to heat up. Our CBD vape pen is a 510 thread battery so compatible with the majority of vape cartridges for sale in the EU, however, we do advise using our vape battery with our KANAVAPE vape cartridges for the best experience.

CBD E-liquid Bottles


Our 10ml E-liquid bottles with 10% CBD are mixed with plant-based PG/VG made in France (at a ratio of 70%/30%) and infused with natural terpenes.

About our CBD e-Liquid bottles

All our CBD e-liquids are made using a vegetable-derived e-liquid base of PG / VG mixed in with natural CBD derived from hemp and infused with natural terpenes, giving the taste of your favourite cannabis strains. Due to the delicious natural terpenes we use, all our flavours are perfectly blended with a lovely herbaceous finish. Each of our CBD e-liquid flavours are available in vape cartridges and can also be bought in a 10ml bottle for those who want to refill an existing tank or device.

Our CBD e-liquids are 5% CBD so if you are looking for a high strength CBD vape liquid, we would suggest trying our 50% CBD+CBG+CBN+CBC Vape oil cartridges.


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